Clear Clutter can help decorate any space of your choice. We can can help create an atmosphere within the home that aligns with your personal style. "We use paint, fabric, furniture and accessories to change the visual aesthetic of a space".



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Clear Clutter can organize and declutter any space so that you can relax with a peace of mind knowing everything is in its place.

We put everything in its place so that you can enjoy your home, relax and spend time doing the things that you enjoy.

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"When I went into my garage after Clear Clutter was finished with it  all I could say was OMG. I felt a sight of relief because everything was in its place just as she stated." Bill

I really appreciate your heart and service you provided and I will definitely recommend you to others. I love how you were able to get in there and do a productive job in such a great time. Again, thank you and know that I am proud that I found your company for such a job!!! Katrina

Looking around the house. You have lighten the depression & anxiety I face day after day in this house. I will try to keep everything in place. It gives me a better feeling. I am glad I found You! Marcia

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House cleaning can be exhausting after a long day of work, doing household chores can also take a toll on your body. We know you love a spotless home but you may not always have the time to keep it clean. Need help with cleaning? Keep your home spic and span with our cleaning and organizing expertise.

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CLEAR CLUTTER specializes in DECORATING, ORGANIZING and CLEANING. We care for all spaces whether at home or work. We create order and simplicity when life feels overwhelming. Clear Clutter believes we all can benefit from a decorated, organized and clean space. Clear Clutter wants to inspire others to decorate, organize and clean their spaces.

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