Does a CLUTTERED space have you feeling overwhelmed?

Clear Clutter can meet you at any phase in your organizing journey to sort out spaces using various organizational systems and strategies to bring order. If you need help with these areas:



Dining Room


Living Room


Laundry Room


and more....

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Are you struggling with with a CLUTTERED space?

Clear Clutter can help with the elimination of clutter from a space of your choice.

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"When I went into my garage after Clear Clutter was finished with it  all I could say was OMG. I felt a sight of relief because everything was in its place just as she stated." Bill S.

I really appreciate your heart and service you provided and I will definitely recommend you to others. I love how you were able to get in there and do a productive job in such a great time. Again, thank you and know that I am proud that I found your business for such a job!!! Katrina.

Looking around the house. You have lighten the depression & anxiety I face day after day in this house. I will try to keep everything in place. It gives me a better feeling. I am glad I found You! Debbie E.

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Are you looking to transform any disorganized space?

We create thoughtful, functional, organized, creative spaces with interior styling and space planning to customize any space needed. Whether the space is an office, home or store we transform any space you can image.

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Do you wish you had someone to help with day to day activities? Someone to bring order into your life? We have a solution. We have years of experience of one on one personal care.

Services offered include:

Personal shopping (including groceries), dry cleaning, prescriptions, holiday shopping and other errands around town.

Receive and instruct service providers for home cleaning, repairs and installation. No more waiting "between 8 and 12".

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Most of us could use a hand during preparations for or clean-up after the holidays or a special event like a birthday or graduation party. Clear Clutter can be there to help prep your home or office or run errands, help set up decorations, and just about anything else you need.

Some ideas of events with which we can help in either the home or office:

*Anniversary parties

*Birthday Parties



*New Years eve

*St. Patrick's Day party


*Weddings (or Divorce Parties, yes those are real).


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Since 2015

CLEAR CLUTTER specializes in Organizing, De-Cluttering and Transforming Spaces. We care for all spaces whether at home or office.

Clear Clutter also offers errands & personal services also Holiday and special event help.

We create order and simplicity when life feels overwhelming. Clear Clutter believes we all can benefit from an organized space and a organized life.


Clear Clutter



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