About Clear Clutter

Lervica Lee - Owner - Professional Organizer

I am an organizing specialist, who was blessed with the unique ability to bring order. I also have a Healthcare background of 20 plus years experience of helping individuals  bring order into their lives.

CLEAR CLUTTER was established in 2015 to help others make the decision to get order into their home and life. Clear Clutter, wants to help those who feel overwhelmed, stressed and have no idea how to begin organizing home and life.

Throughout my experience as a professional organizer, I have learned ways to organize according to your personality, preference and style. By working with you, I will go above and beyond to help you address problem areas so that you can feel revitalized with "Everything in its place".

Our Approach

Clear Clutter 4 step process!

*First - Sort, purge, create space, donate items or sell items that are no longer needed or loved! Then clean and tidy the space up. Clear Clutter believes that all items in your space has a place so that your space reflects your lifestyle.

*Second - A Clear Clutter Professional Organizer will group all items and organize them in the correct places to be utilized. The Clear Clutter process is where we put everything in its place.

A Clear Clutter Professional Organizer Believes in having space where everything is utilized because "Everything is in its place"!

*Third - This is the re-design phase where we look at furniture placement, your space current colors, your storage space, how we can maximize space, and explain what is needed to store your items functionally.

Fourth - Transformation time, In this phase we transform your space. We will be implementing all storage solutions and products purchased, installing, or assembling, putting everything in its place.

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Meet the Team


Lervica Lee

Founder & CEO

Your Professional Organizer,  the Professional Organizer who advise, teach and assist clients in achieving order in their homes and lives.


Clear Clutter

Established: 2015


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