For some, being organized seems very challenging. People often turn to professional organizers to help them stay organized. Why Should you hire Clear Clutter as your Professional Organizer?

Here are some Compelling reasons to hire Clear Clutter a Professional Organizer.  Check out the reasons below.

1 - You are overwhelmed: Being overwhelmed by clutter happens to be the common reason for getting help from one of our professional organizers.

2 - Confused on how to get organized: This is when Clear Clutter comes in handy.

3 - Not enough time: This is a fast paced world that we live in and if you work finding time to organize things at home is usually out of the question. Fortunately, Clear Clutter is here to help.

4 - Disorganized Family Member: To keep your home organized when sharing with other family members can be frustrating when they are disorganized. Luckily, Clear Clutter can tackle this issue.

5 - Health Challenges: Sometimes A have health challenge can render you from organizing your own home. Clear Clutter is a great option for helping in these situations.

6 - Transition Period: If you're going through a transition period like birth, divorce, death and do not have the motivation or energy to get your house in order. Clear Clutter can help in these situations.

7 -  Maybe your brain just doesn't work that way: If you find it difficult to start or stay organized due to how your brain functions. Clear Clutter can help and train you on organizational skills.

Do we offer Virtual consultations? 

Yes - If you have an area you need organizing but you get stuck making decisions or you want to do the organizing yourself, virtual organizing may be for you.

How does virtual organizing work? We will connect and discuss your space in detail. You will tell what you like and don't like as well as what works and doesn't work so that I can develop a structure plan to reorganize the items you have in your space. I will work with you in increments of 15- 30 minutes in the same day to get you steps closer to achieving your goal.

"Note you may have to take and send measurements to our office for product recommendations".

What are Clear Clutter Rates?

Organizing Rates

Clear Clutter offers pricing options to suit every clients needs.

  • Clear Clutter offers flat rates on complete home or office projects.
  • Clear Clutter offers individual one-on-one organizing.
  • Clear Clutter offers a team of organizers for large projects.
  • Clear Clutter only requires a deposit to get started with the rest due upon completion.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are available to answer your questions. Call now 404-503-7447